Internet Marketing

Build Your Own Funnels

See how LeadsLeap can help in the 4 phases of your business funnel

A funnel is a system describing the sequence of converting raw leads (that know nothing about your product) into a repeat customer.
Traffic > Leads > Customers > Partners

Here is an example. Let’s say you promote an ad to 10,000 people (to generate traffic). 100 of them respond to your ad. These are leads. 10 of them actually buy, becoming customers. One person remains subscribed to your mailing list, and periodically makes another repeat purchase. That one person could be considered as a partner. So you promote to as many people as possible, and go through a process to identify a core of highly targeted people that are proven to be interested in your specific product.
Tools to Get Traffic to YOUR website

You can post ads in our network. Your ads will be shown to our members, in our trackers with 200K+ of hits daily with thousands of other sites, and in our ad widgets which are shown in 4K+ sites.

Look at the bottom of this post to see some LeadsLeap Ad widgets. There are 4,000 other sites which will be showing your ads!

We have 2 advertising plans:
Free Ad (which requires credits that can be earned free) and…
Pro Ad (which does not require credits)

Social Review

Is a unique review system where you can share your experiences with different programs (even without having your own website or blog).

The benefit is that you get both SEO traffic and internal traffic from our members who read your reviews. This is TARGETED traffic, the people who are most likely to be interested in your program.

The Real Tracker

This is not really a tool that will get you traffic, but it is an essential tool that will make sure that you get REAL traffic, not just bots.

Our tracker is the first and probably the only tracker that can detect surfing duration of visitors for 3rd part links, such as your affiliate links.

Another powerful part of the tracker is that you can add your opt-in form into your tracked links and start building your own list while promoting other people’s program!

Tools to Build YOUR List

List Manager

This is a List Management System, hosted under It is dedicated to our members. With this system, you can build a list professionally, create automated follow-op emails and send broadcast emails to your lists.

Page Builder

You can use this Landing Page Builder to create landing pages for your advertising and list building campaigns.

Opt-in Form Generator

This is a popup creator. You can use it to create an opt-in form, have the form added to your own website or your tracked links to build your own list. If you scroll down this page you will see this feature in action.

Tools to Follow Up with Your Customers

Email Series

This function allows you to set up a series of follow-up emails, such as an ecourse. They will be sent automatically to your lists in “My Lists”.

This is where you provide free, useful and valuable information to your customers.

This is the way to build a relationship of trust and credibility with the people on your list.

List Broadcast

This function allows you to send mass mail to your list in “My Lists”.

This is where you can present sales offers, and this is where the money is!

Tools to Sustain the Growth of YOUR Business

10-Level Leads Network

LeadsLeap is built-in with a 10-level leads network. This network allows you to build an ever-growing team of followers.

You may not see its potential initially. But as you USE LeadsLeap services, your network will grow automatically, giving you fresh leads every day, without you doing anything.

Follower Message

This has nothing to do with your own list.

That is to say, your “followers” are not the same as the “members on your mailing list”. But your followers are ideal candidates to add to your list. You use the “Follower Message” feature to see if they want to opt-in to your list.

It is about reaching out to your followers in LeadsLeap.

Followers are people that have joined LeadsLeap under you.

They are not necessarily on your mailing list, but you referred them to LeadsLeap, and every time they log in to LeadsLeap, they can see your advertisement.

You reach out to your 10-levels of followers by posting a Follower Message. Your followers are as good as your own list, because you can reach out to them when you want, using this tool.

This tool may not appear useful initially, when your team is small. But as you use LeadsLeap to grow your business, it is inevitable that your followers will grow. Make them feel that you’re someone whom they can trust, and you’ll have a team of faithful followers.

It’s not obvious, but this is one of the most powerful features of LeadsLeap. Here’s why:

Most people will join LeadsLeap just to advertise their business, which is good. But some of those people will understand the power of email marketing and will start using the marketing tools to develop their mailing list. Remember, the Follower system is a 10-Level network, so when they start referring followers, they will be adding to YOUR followers. When you have 5, 10 or more referrals who are working the system, then your organization of followers is automatically growing faster… which is better! Best of all, LeadsLeap will also be automatically adding to your follower list.

Do you see that this is marketing leverage – and you will grow much faster using this system than slugging it out by your own efforts.

Remember that, using the Follower Message system, you can gradually convert followers to members of your targeted mailing list – which is where the money is.

For this reason, in my opinion, the best use of the Message Follower system is to teach people how to use email marketing (i.e. all of the LeadsLeap marketing tools).

It is important to understand that each person in LeadsLeap can be promoting whatever they are interested in.

In summary, the combination of the LeadsLeap Follower and List Management Systems can empower you to build your list faster and bigger than would be possible otherwise.

This whole process is summed up in this graphic, which appears on your LeadsLeap dashboard. You may wish to compare this system with what you are already doing with your business.

LeadsLeap is a better, faster and smarter way to build a 10,000+ member mailing list. The money is in the list!
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